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Sports Physiotherapy

Headache and Neck Pain Treatment and More in Launceston, TAS

If you have suffered from a sports injury, it’s crucial to get your pre-injury status & start effective physiotherapy treatment to ensure that your body heals properly and you can return to the full function you had before the injury occurred.
Whether you have suffered a minor muscle stain or a serious ACL injury, the physiotherapists at Launceston Physiotherapy Services can work with you to provide the personal attention you need to get back in the game successfully and limit the possibility of re-injury. Call on us to schedule an appointment to work with our specialists.
ACL Injury, Launceston, TAS

Maintain Core Stability

Core stability is the key to being successful, no matter what sport you play. A knee injury, muscle strain or other injury can hinder that stability and affect your posture and balance. This can result in a significant drop in performance. Our physiotherapists will work closely with you to make sure you receive the proper treatment that addresses your injuries. Get your core stability back to where you need it to be. Schedule an appointment today.

Don't Let Sports Injuries Stop You!
Launceston Physiotherapy Offers a Variety of Different Services to Help You Heal!

sports injury treatment Launceston,TAS
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