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Neck & Back Pain Treatment

Treatment for Your Back & Neck Pain in Launceston, TAS

No More Neck and Back Pain

When patients have neck and/or back pain, it can truly affect their quality of life, including the things they do, jobs they can or cannot tackle and activities they take part in. Whether your neck injury was caused by a car accident, or your back pain was caused by a sports injury or from moving heavy items while cleaning or moving, we can help. No matter the cause of your neck or back pain, we have the most effective and comprehensive treatments you can count on.
You’ll be able to play with your grandson again, go back to work or get back to the gym in no time with our neck and back pain treatment. Our physiotherapists will create a customized treatment plan for each individual based on his or her own unique situation.
Neck Pain Treatment, Launceston, TAS

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Some of our most effective treatments for neck and back pain include remedial massage, cupping, dry needling and more. Call Launceston Physiotherapy Services to schedule an appointment today if you haven’t seen a specialist about your pain yet. We staff a talented, experienced and knowledgeable team that can help you see and feel results sooner.

Launceston Physiotherapy Offers a Variety of Different Services to Help You Heal!

Lower Back Pain Treatment, Launceston Physiotherapy Services
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