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Sciatica Treatment

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What is Sciatica?

Back pain comes in a nearly infinite variety. Sometimes it’s sharp and sudden, but it vanishes almost as soon as it began. Other times, back pain is a dull ache that never seems to fade. Sciatica is just one variety of back pain.
Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve – the longest-running nerve in the body, beginning in the lower back and running through the hips as well as both legs and feet – is injured or irritated. A herniated disc, bone spurs or spinal stenosis can all cause sciatica, and the pain that results can vary from severe and sharp pains to a mild ache. However, the most tell-tale sign for patients is pain that radiates from the lower back and then moves to the legs.
The good news for many patients is that sciatica can go away on its own within a few weeks. But if your symptoms are persistent, know that Launceston Physiotherapy Services in Launceston, TAS will provide you with sciatica treatment.
sciatica physiotherapy in launceston, TAS

How Can Launceston Physiotherapy Services Help?

One of the most important ways to treat sciatica is to keep moving. Unlike other back pain treatments, which can encourage rest and relaxation, sciatica treatment usually involves targeted exercise to strengthen your spine and relieve the pain, called active therapy. Depending on your medical history and exact symptoms, we may precede active therapy with passive therapies like hot and cold therapies, ultrasound treatment or deep tissue massage.
Rest assured that every one of our professionals is dedicated to ensuring that you get the right sciatica treatment for you. Each treatment regimen is carefully calibrated to the needs of the patient. We’ll have you moving without pain again as soon as we can!

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If you have back pain or have been diagnosed with sciatica by your doctor, contact Launceston Physiotherapy Services. We are standing by to ensure that you get the physiotherapy you need to stay active and live without pain. Call us today to get started.

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